Frank Mayer and Associates
Both an IC Core and a Keymatic Style Lock were requested by Frank Mayer and Associates for the introduction of the Microsoft Tablet. The Keymatic version allowed them to tie into the existing key system for Circuit City. The IC Core version allowed them to tie into the Staples key system. In both cases, the end user was allowed to seamlessly introduce the product without having to add additional keys. Furthermore, all dimensions for holes were established and machined to meet the specific requirements of the display unit that the lock needed to work with.
Neiman Marcus
Neiman Marcus requested an extra long nose lock in order to deal with the extra thick material that the architect had used on one of their displays. We designed and machined a lock to meet the specific needs of the customer.
The National Archives
In 2005 The National Archives began making preparations to replace the museum cases that contain the Declaration of Independence and other national treasures Kenstan Lock was called in to help design and manufacture the locking mechanism for these cases. On March 8th, 2007 we received the following E-mail. "We have installed the first case. It will be on display tomorrow.  It looks great!  The lock works great!" We are very proud of our contribution to a project of this magnitude and would like to thank International Laser Systems of Holyoke, MA for their contribution as well.
Faubion and Associates
Faubion and Associates created a brand new showcase that was introduced into Zale's and Saks. It required an extra long bolt that was not part of our existing product line. Based on their needs, we built tooling and began stamping a bolt to meet these needs. We then Case Hardened it in order to deal with the additional security concerns that the end user had.