Creative, timely and efficient
Custom work is where we at Kenstan excel and distinguish ourselves from the rest of the crowd. Our in-house engineering and machining capabilities permit us to respond quickly to special customer requests. As shown below, with the use of Stereo lithography (SLA) for rapid prototyping, we can build a 3D model so you can test your concept within hours versus weeks; and, at a fraction of the cost.

Problem: A widely-used lock, produced by other lock companies, utilizes only five (5) different lock numbers and does not secure retail showcases against theft.

Solution: Kenstan built a new lock using the SLA modeling process. Developed from our Keymatic Series, the lock was designed to fit the existing keyhole housing that the current lock uses. By doing so, we introduced thousands of new key numbers to the market.

The original lock, which uses only four different key numbers, has been used in the retail environment for years. In order to steal something from a showcase that has been secured with this lock, someone would simply have to purchase four different locks to obtain the keys to the case.

The SLA model, made from our drawings, is a plastic part built one layer at a time until we have a replica of the part we plan to produce. We can put the mating parts together and then test the lock for basic operation and aesthetic value. This is done in hours versus weeks or months and saves time and money before building actual tools such as dies and molds.

The finished lock provides the retail environment with an effective security solution for their showcases by introducing thousands of new key numbers to the market.